Outof7 is full of automatic email reminders and reports which are very useful in the day-to-day operation of the school. For example:
  • A teacher who forgets to take the attendance gets an automatic email shortly after the end of the lesson.
  • The attendance officer gets a daily email after homeroom period with the whole school attendance table for the day. He also gets an email if a student is marked Absent Unexcused but had been marked present the previous period.
  • Homeroom teachers gets a daily summary of all the discipline and praise items tha thave been entered for their students.
  • The admission officer gets a weekly or monthly email with current enrolment statistics and predicted enrolment figures
  • Principals get a weekly email (Friday) with the missing attendance data for the past week and the number of assignments that has been entered per grade and per teacher.

This list is of course not exhaustive. Other functions can be configured to meet your school's needs.