You can keep using your favorite scheduling software

You cannot use Outof7 to design and build your schedule . However, we will import any type of schedule. Outof7 also works with weekly or rotating schedule models. If you can schedule it, then we can import it.

Access to staff and students schedules:
  • Staff schedule is accessible from both teachers and administrators portals. Teachers see their schedules on the teachers' portal home page as an interactive calendar which is linked to their lesson planner and gradebook.
  • Students can get their schedules on the parents'/students' portals. Also, at the beginning of the school year, students receive their schedules via email as a PDF attachment.
In 2 clicks, you can
  • Find where Johnny is now (whether Johnny is a student or a teacher)
  • Find a free room
  • Find a meeting slot that suits several members of staff
  • Book a common resource room, such as a computer lab