Thank you for creating the Parents' Portal  It is incredibly user friendly and with just a few "clicks" I can see my child's daily schedule, confirm homework assignments, review the status and/or grades of completed projects and identify any attendance issues. My child's reports are easily accessible and always available. This is a wonderful tool for me to help my child stay on track in this digital age.  
Faith McGarrity (Grade 7 Parent)

With two students at ISBerne the parents' portal has proved to be invaluable to us.  With password protected access we are confident that it is safe and information remains private.  All the information is personal to our children and presented in an easy to use way.  We can access school publications, directories, reports, timetables, attendance details and emails, all in one place.  Well done!
Kerry Rauber (Grade 9 Parent)

My son has already changed 3 schools (including 2 in Switzerland) and I always hear the same discussions between parents that were upset for the lack of communication with the school.
Since my son is at ISBerne I don't have these problems, thanks to outof7 portal . There I can find all necessary information: schedule, homework, attendance and most important feedback from teachers (paper graded) and school reports. I use this portal almost everyday and I really appreciate it.

Mirela Baurer (Grade 8 Parent)


I find the interface of outof7 to be extremely easy to use. From a training standpoint, a single explanation is enough to explain the basics and get teachers started. All of the tools are easily accessible and enable teachers to do what they need to do quickly.
Bradley Pfau, technology

Despite investing in two expensive software packages in the last 5 years this is the first time our school has a functional, user friendly system that allows us to keep attendance, post notices, write reports and record assessment details.
Chris Warren, Economics &TOK

In terms of PE, I can easily take registers portably and find it easy to use on the field. gym using the ipad application.It is useful for storing information and using information in terms of lists of students for teams and sports activities clubs. A quick way to access students personal contact details when taking students on trips.
Dan Thorne, PE

The system is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Whenever new features are required, the developer will go out of his way to make it happen as soon as possible. Outof7 is the best education management I've encountered over the years, because it combines many vital educational management tools under one roof. The software clearly helps optimize the  process of teaching and learning as it considerably improves communication between all members of the school community
Eric Müller, German teacher &language coordinator

Administrators and Coordinators

Outof7 is a welcome relief for any IB/international school teacher or administrator to use who is tired of fighting with software designed for radically different school systems. It is pretty nearly exactly what the typical international school needs – and what is especially nice about it is how readily it can be altered and adapted to accommodate variations from those presumed needs. I find the e-mailing set-up (the interface with Outlook) particularly easy to work with.
Dr. Eric Mace-Tessler, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Outof7  has been the easiest to use and by far the most sensible student information system, out of the three I have worked with at ISBERNE.
Catherine Hofer, PA to the Director and Admission Officer

It’s great! So many tasks need less time now – lists, finding staff and parents’ email addresses etc., etc. Thank you!
Camilla Jenk, Elementary School Secretary

I believe the “Outof7” reporting system is very good. I have really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your support and great service.
Paul Neary, Elementary principal, Yokohama International School