For MYP and DP students, Outof7 offers an online gradebook
  • Assignments can be created very easily from the teachers' lesson planner.
  • Tasks can be assessed according to the MYP and DP assessment criteria, or simply through a point scoring system.
  • Outof7 automatically converts points into a 1-7 grade, according to the point to grade boundaries. These boundaries can be adjusted for each assignment.
  • Teachers have control whether to publish assignments tasks and results to the parents' and students' portals or not.
  • Teachers can publish various PDF documents, such as an assignment summary or a full class gradebook.
  • "Sorry Sir, we already have 10 assignments for next week". Really? You can check the workload per grade level and see if this is really the case.
  • Parents and students easily access assignments and information through the portals. They can see the assignments and deadlines on the interactive calendar or view a breakdown of all assignment results in a PDF document.