Outof7 started as an online reporting solution for IB schools. It was initially implemented at the International School of Berne, Switzerland, in 2005.

Outof7 has been used very sucessfully at ISBerne as an online reporting solution, but also in the elementary school section of Yokohama International School, Japan. You might have heard of us already, as we were featured in The International Educator inthe fall 2010.

In 2011, we decided to move from a reporting system to a fully featured Student Information System.

We are a small team of dedicated international educators and programmers. Although our competitors are often proud of hosting thousands of schools and millions of students, we are delighted to be small but to offer exclusive service that really meets the needs of medium-sized international schools.


We are also teachers, or we work in international schools.

We know the real needs of International schools; we know what teachers need in the classroom, and we have developed the tools for it. We do not have 1000 features, but we have the ones you need. And if something is missing, we will create it.